The Cellar Door

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In the life of every musician, there are places that you never leave. While your body hasn’t visited them in years, if they are still standing, they will always be alive in your heart. For me, Washington DC’s Cellar Door … Read More

One Toke – The Song

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One Toke Over The Line. Who would have thought that a joke, written to make our friends laugh, would become the hallmark in the lives of Brewer and Shipley? The writing was about as easy as it gets. What followed … Read More

Weeds – Loose Park

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Brewer and Shipley had become full-time residents of Missouri. Good Karma Productions had been established and managed to send Michael and me to every small college in the midwest. At least that is what it felt like. Aside from too … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 3

Kansas City. After a lot of years traveling the country, first by myself and later as part of Brewer and Shipley, it looked like I was about to settle down there. If you consider that any traveling musician actually settles … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 1

Good-bye yellow brick road. That’s where it stood. Brewer and Shipley were leaving LA. I had been camped in Michael’s back yard as we finished our “Down In LA” album and now I was free to do as I please. … Read More

Hollywood Part 4

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When last we met, Leon Russell was playing the pipe organ. But I need to step back a bit to get it all in. As we became Brewer and Shipley and started recording, Michael and I had made a move. … Read More

Hollywood Part 3

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Michael and I were still just a couple of singer/songwriters signed to the same publishing company. Our writing room was not very professional by anyone’s standards. Michael had a long, walk-in closet with a piece of a telephone pole or … Read More

Hollywood Part 2

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I had finally gotten a start in Hollywood…sort of. I had done a demo with Ruthann Friedman and The Poor almost had a hit with one of my songs. But things had rapidly slowed down. There was the occasional gig … Read More

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