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“Aren’t you afraid to go to Mexico?” some friends would ask. “Not really,” has always been my reply. “We’re going to Yucatan.” I always give the questioner the benefit of the doubt. They do know their geography but not their … Read More


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“You are going where?” Jan asked in disbelief.  She probably wasn’t as surprised as she let on. In all the years we have been together she has gotten used to me telling her about some far-away place I wanted to … Read More


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The plane settled down on the island’s runway. The Ketchikan airport is on an island just offshore and became famous when they tried to build a bridge from the terminal to the mainland. It became all the political rage as … Read More


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People were everywhere, bumping into us, whacking our heads with an oversized souvenir they had purchased to prove they had been in Alaska. Juneau has always been one of my favorite cities, the old Russian flavor of the small buildings … Read More


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We were headed up through the clouds and I hoped it was just another overcast day in Seattle. I had made my usual plans for the flight. Seats on the right side of the plane for the trip north and … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 3

Kansas City. After a lot of years traveling the country, first by myself and later as part of Brewer and Shipley, it looked like I was about to settle down there. If you consider that any traveling musician actually settles … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 1

Good-bye yellow brick road. That’s where it stood. Brewer and Shipley were leaving LA. I had been camped in Michael’s back yard as we finished our “Down In LA” album and now I was free to do as I please. … Read More


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How it all began I came across some old photos that brought back old memories that I would like to share. Brewer and Shipley had been doing a show at a long since forgotten bar in Denver. For some unknown reason, … Read More


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Trapped. My wife and I have been locked in our house since April. In case you haven’t heard there is a bug out there. A really nasty fellow that seems to be taking over the whole world. It sure has turned … Read More


The morning breeze was warm and full of promise as our guide pulled a fly out of my fly box. He smiled at me and said in his jubilant Yucatan drawl “This is good fly” he laughed. “Good for nothing.” That … Read More

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