Tarkio Road Part 3

Kansas City. After a lot of years traveling the country, first by myself and later as part of Brewer and Shipley, it looked like I was about to settle down there. If you consider that any traveling musician actually settles … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 1

Good-bye yellow brick road. That’s where it stood. Brewer and Shipley were leaving LA. I had been camped in Michael’s back yard as we finished our “Down In LA” album and now I was free to do as I please. … Read More


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How it all began I came across some old photos that brought back old memories that I would like to share. Brewer and Shipley had been doing a show at a long since forgotten bar in Denver. For some unknown reason, … Read More


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Trapped. My wife and I have been locked in our house since April. In case you haven’t heard there is a bug out there. A really nasty fellow that seems to be taking over the whole world. It sure has turned … Read More


The morning breeze was warm and full of promise as our guide pulled a fly out of my fly box. He smiled at me and said in his jubilant Yucatan drawl “This is good fly” he laughed. “Good for nothing.” That … Read More


“If you have any hope at all of having grandchildren you WILL NOT buy me anything tied-dyed.” That was my son Marc’s response when Jan called from the souvenir booth to see if she could get anything for the boys. I … Read More

Summer Fun

It’s a fact of life.  Great times often don’t start so well. Like the story of my summer. It started off ok. Some time on the river with my fly rod, cleaning up the woods after my son’s wedding.  Preparing for Jan’s … Read More

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