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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I’ve been a content creator all my life, and now have a way to share it with you.

-Tom Shipley

–COMING SOON: April 20th, 2021–
The New Brewer & Shipley Documentary – “One Toke Over the Line…and Still Smokin'”

Tom's Latest Stories

The Archives – 1969


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Flyin’ High


I usually see life in stages. As an adult, I find myself looking back at clubs, tours or albums when I remember things. There was LaCava in Cleveland. There was Toronto. And later... Read More

A Kid’s Back Yard


We all have memories of our childhood. Our friends. Our family and home. And those special moments and places that we couldn’t forget if we tried, and probably help structure who we have... Read More

Please Don’t Send Me Home


One Toke Tom has made it a point to keep as far away from politics as he possibly can in his writings. This story is not meant to be about politics at all.... Read More