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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I’ve been a content creator all my life, and now have a way to share it with you.

-Tom Shipley

–COMING SOON: April 20th, 2021–
The New Brewer & Shipley Documentary – “One Toke Over the Line…and Still Smokin'”

Tom's Latest Stories

The Cellar Door


In the life of every musician, there are places that you never leave. While your body hasn’t visited them in years, if they are still standing, they will always be alive in your... Read More

One Toke – The Song


One Toke Over The Line. Who would have thought that a joke, written to make our friends laugh, would become the hallmark in the lives of Brewer and Shipley? The writing was about... Read More

Weeds – Loose Park


Brewer and Shipley had become full-time residents of Missouri. Good Karma Productions had been established and managed to send Michael and me to every small college in the midwest. At least that is... Read More

Tarkio Road Part 4


I don’t remember exactly how long I lived at the Good Karma house in Kansas City. It seemed like forever. Not that it was a bad place to stay and most of that... Read More