I Can’t Go Home

Brewer and Shipley have never shied away from combining lyrics about rough times with gentle music. This is no exception. While we wrote the song for ourselves when we had been stuck on the rock n’ roll road for months, … Read More

Blue Island Moon

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Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Eventually, the thrill is gone and she splits. The boy, when he thinks about her, can’t bring himself to understand that she has moved on to a new life without him. Or, perhaps … Read More

Please Don’t Send Me Home

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One Toke Tom has made it a point to keep as far away from politics as he possibly can in his writings. This story is not meant to be about politics at all. It is just a reaction to the … Read More

Heart to Heart

This week’s offering is a video someone sent me years ago and I just found it. Michael and I were finishing our “Shanghai Album”. During that time we did a show with someone, country music star and tv host Stan … Read More

Out of Love

posted in: Love Story, Video Post 3

After a late summer break, I’m back at it. It’s not like I’ve been sleeping on the couch or anything like that. I’ve been playing outside and up here in my studio working on more video song stories. I do … Read More

I Think I Saw An Angel

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There she is, standing across the room and you realize you are looking at an angel. She may be pretty. Or not. Her size, large or small, melts away. You always believed that you were attracted to a blond or … Read More

Real Good Thing

posted in: Video Post 6

Love. I’m a sucker for love. Love songs. Love stories. Lovers. Beautiful thoughts of my own love. I just love love. So what is a singer/songwriter/video producer to do? Take one of the love songs Brewer and Shipley have written … Read More

Dance With A Lady

posted in: Love Story, Video Post 4

In the afternoon the sun shines in the glass door that separates the deck from the master bedroom. That beautiful environment is where I have always loved writing. Burn one and start playing. It doesn’t really matter what. Just play. … Read More

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