Remembering David Crosby

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I was talking with Michael the other day. We had just learned of David Crosby’s passing.  We both had memories of David dating back to our early days as single performers. It was a particularly poignant conversation. We were getting … Read More

I Can’t Go Home

Brewer and Shipley have never shied away from combining lyrics about rough times with gentle music. This is no exception. While we wrote the song for ourselves when we had been stuck on the rock n’ roll road for months, … Read More

Happy Warrior

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When I look back at my career with Brewer and Shipley, I see more than my fair share of the good times. Great audiences, wonderful clubs and concerts, and lots of pretty girls. For this writing, I’ll stick with the … Read More


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People often see a band’s success as “overnight.” For  Brewer and Shipley that “overnight” took 7 years. And, of course, there were all the years leading up to it. Michael Brewer and Tom Shipley had been single performers prior to … Read More


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The sun had just begun to light the tops of the trees that surrounded the gravel bar. It was one of those mornings that held the promise of a good day. The sound of the river mixed so perfectly with … Read More


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I believe I’ve told you how the holiday season can get me down. There was, however, one Christmas event that is hard to forget even though it was several years ago. Brewer and Shipley were invited to perform at the … Read More

Flyin’ High

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I usually see life in stages. As an adult, I find myself looking back at clubs, tours or albums when I remember things. There was LaCava in Cleveland. There was Toronto. And later LA. And of course, there were the … Read More

Heart to Heart

This week’s offering is a video someone sent me years ago and I just found it. Michael and I were finishing our “Shanghai Album”. During that time we did a show with someone, country music star and tv host Stan … Read More

Tom’s First Toke

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My writing this spring has been comprised of stories about how I ended up making music for a living. I  talked about the beginnings of Brewer and Shipley, and some of the things that came about because of our union. … Read More

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