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Where is everybody? I remember a day when we danced and sang for peace and love. We chanted and raised a ruckus telling Nixon’s government they had to stop pouring napalm on innocent villages in Viet Nam. Where are we … Read More


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Help is a curious word for old One Toke Tom to be writing about. He doesn’t need much of it with the exception of not continuing to injure myself or figuring out how to use Instagram. As I get longer … Read More

Happy Holidays

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As I walked through Kroger looking for an autumn dinner, I noticed something that looked Santa-like peeking out from between the pumpkins.  I could feel it in my bones. Here comes the Grinch. That would be me. It’s not that … Read More

A Kid’s Back Yard

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We all have memories of our childhood. Our friends. Our family and home. And those special moments and places that we couldn’t forget if we tried, and probably help structure who we have become. For some there was magic and … Read More

The Path

When Jan and I decided to build a house we had no idea of the journey we were about to embark on. We knew we wanted to live in the woods and I wanted a place that had some kind … Read More


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Maybe the age of Aquarius is still coming. This past week  I had the privilege of doing a radio interview on Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour on KKID 92.9FM. The station is housed on a block in my town I … Read More

Folkies (Part 3)

As I continued my tour of coffee houses, folk music was everywhere. The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary, and The Limelighters were all having hit records. Word would travel the folk circuit that this friend or that was putting … Read More

Folkies (Part 2)

This is the place where writing gets difficult. Telling my story without being perceived as a “name-dropper” is not an easy task. As I have written before, it was a time everybody was getting to know everybody else. And some … Read More

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