Art In A Time of  War

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Artists are artists no matter where they are found. They bring to their work their hopes, their dreams, and their fears, inspired by the world around them and the world that resides inside their hearts. This past year I have … Read More


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The rock n’ roll road is no place to be when autumn rolls up its blanket of fallen leaves to make way for the snow that will surely follow. Summer has long gone, and autumn’s final days are just a … Read More


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I’ve been making music as a profession for two months shy of sixty years. Wow.  During all those years of traveling, I have made and lost many friends. While some were just familiar acquaintances, mostly involved in our engagements, others became … Read More


“Mike is coming Sunday,” Marc told us as he headed back to his apartment. “Cool,” I said. “Looking forward to it.” Mike would be Mike Snyder of WildWise Botanicals. Marc is our oldest son who became involved in clearing an … Read More


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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a family reunion out here in our woods. It was a wonderful time having the whole family together. In that story, I talked about the gallery where Ashley, our daughter-in-law, would be … Read More


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I was sitting in my chair in front of the TV wondering when Matt and Ashley would arrive. They were coming down from Kansas City to pick up Jan’s car. With two excited dogs, here they are. Being city dogs … Read More


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The phone in my rear pocket was vibrating. I scrambled to get to it before they hung up. Who is it? I’m out on the river trying to catch a trout when someone calls. It must be important. Most people … Read More

Happy Birthday

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The 29th. A guy should never be intimidated by a number but that one always gets me. It all goes back to a time when I was first getting to know the girl that would become my wife. A girl … Read More


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Where is everybody? I remember a day when we danced and sang for peace and love. We chanted and raised a ruckus telling Nixon’s government they had to stop pouring napalm on innocent villages in Viet Nam. Where are we … Read More


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Help is a curious word for old One Toke Tom to be writing about. He doesn’t need much of it with the exception of not continuing to injure myself or figuring out how to use Instagram. As I get longer … Read More

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