More than just music…

A little known fact is I’ve been more than just a musician. Documentaries, commercials, and music videos are all in my repertoire. Give me a hand and subscribe to my YouTube channel or browse my collection below.

-Tom Shipley

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Dance With A Lady

In the afternoon the sun shines in the glass door that separates the deck from the master bedroom. That beautiful environment is where I have always loved writing. Burn one and start playing. It doesn’t really matter what. Just play. … Read More

Folk Song

We had arrived at the gravel bar but Ralph was nowhere to be found. We went to the low water slab that crossed Huzzah Creek, stuck our heads over the side and hollered ”Ralph are you down there?” It took … Read More

Shipley’s Demo-Reel

This is my demo reel. It is designed to show my abilities as a camera operator, a designer of motion graphics, and an editor.

Precious Memories

This is a story about how old time music is passed from generation to generation through the family unit. It is centered around Homer “Pop” Dillard, his sons Rodny and Doug and their friend John Hartford. It takes place place … Read More


This is one of two videos I produced for the Engineers Without Borders chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology. We were very high in the Andes of Bolivia in the Aymara community of Tacachia. The team was helping … Read More

MST Fast Bike

How fast can a person go on a bicycle? A team from Missouri University of Science and Technology built an aerodynamic bike to take part in a “competition” to answer the question. The event took place on a flat stretch … Read More

It’s Your Turn

This project was designed to give incoming students at Missouri University of Science and Technology a sense of the university’s history and traditions. I did my best to avoid the standard way these kinds of videos are produced. I used … Read More

The Fiddle Dance

John Hartford was a young man that played old-time music on his fiddle while he clog danced. With his bowler hat and a genuine smile, he was hard to miss. Until his untimely passing, John was a mainstay at bluegrass and … Read More

Flutes Of The Andes

If not now, when? I was finally in my bunk. It’s a very long plane ride from Miami to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. There was only a little time to eat at the airport while porters loaded the Land … Read More