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Maybe the age of Aquarius is still coming. This past week  I had the privilege of doing a radio interview on Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour on KKID 92.9FM. The station is housed on a block in my town I like to think of as Cannabis Row. Like the pacific oceanfront area in John Steinbeck’s 1958 novel Cannery Row. But unlike the novel where sardine canneries were the rule, Cannabis Row consists of a strip of buildings where cannabis and tie-dye rule. A good place for One Toke Tom to be.

Walking in I was met with a scene, somehow reminiscent but embellished with the look of the new century. There was plenty of tye-dye but, unlike the sights at Woodstock and the California love-ins, the folks had added multi-colored hair and lots of tattoos.  There were signs of peace, love, and harmony, adorning the walls and the hearts of the inhabitants. Technology, back in the day of the hippies, amounted to plugging in an electric guitar. These folks were live streaming live video and audio of the interview to several sites on the internet. and their own Facebook site KKID 92.9FM. Obviously, cannabis culture had plugged in.

During the interview, I was reminded of a story I had done when One Toke Tom first began. I decided that it might be a good idea to revisit that story for friends that are just now tuning in.  So here it is. My first trip to Schwagstock.

And as a final note, Jimmy Tebeau the leader and bass player of The Schwag and instigator of Schwagstock has a radio show on the station. I encourage you to check it out as well as the other great things this great classic rock station has to offer online.

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    Blessed be Cannabis Row.

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