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Real Good Thing

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Love. I’m a sucker for love. Love songs. Love stories. Lovers. Beautiful thoughts of my own love. I just love love. So what is a singer/songwriter/video producer to do? Take one of the love songs Brewer and Shipley have written and recorded, and turn it into a music video. 

There are many things I love about all of this. First, I absolutely love Michael’s lead vocal on this song. In my opinion, possibly the most beautiful one he has done with Brewer and Shipley. After that would come the creation of the video. It is a chance to further express the feelings I had when we were writing the song by adding imagery. After that would be loving the fraternity of videographers and photographers I have managed to hook up with via the internet. They come from approximately 120 different countries. The video I used for this project was shot by Davel Danilyuk who hails from Belarus

Thanks to the internet, content creators from around the globe can now collaborate, a gift that we never could have conceived of just a few years ago. And lastly, the content involves an A-frame and flowers. When Jan and I were first getting together she was living in an A-frame and I would leave flowers for her when I had to go. So a lot of wonderful memories visited me as I was working on the project. Love. It’s a wonderful thing.

Lastly are the stories. Songs have told stories for millennia. And now, with the advent of computers and the internet, it is possible to tell stories based around and including a song but with imagery to fill it out. Rather than “Story Songs,” they are “Song Stories.” A new twist that I’m having a great time working with up here in my little studio. Here is one and I hope you like it…Tom

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  1. John Woodfin
    | Reply

    Bravo guys. Beautifully done.

  2. Michael Wiseman
    | Reply

    Keep em coming Tom!!
    Excellent work as always.
    I so miss seeing you guys.
    Maybe the stars will align at some point. Hope so!!

    • Karen Taylor
      | Reply

      Beautiful song. Great words. I never get tired of reading your stories. They make me smile.

    • Tom Shipley
      | Reply

      So glad you like it Michael. In terms of seeing us. I don’t know about B&S but Jan and I have two guest rooms out here in our woodland home and would LOVE for you guys to come down for a visit. We are both retired and miss you guys a bunch!!! Peace…Tom

  3. Kathy
    | Reply

    Love this so much. You guys did some great work. Thank you for sharing.

    | Reply

    Very nice, you guys still have the vocals!

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