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I Think I Saw An Angel

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There she is, standing across the room and you realize you are looking at an angel. She may be pretty. Or not. Her size, large or small, melts away. You always believed that you were attracted to a blond or brunette or something else. It doesn’t matter. In your eyes and in your heart you are looking at an angel. It’s love at first sight. Is that it? Just a glance across the room and she’s gone, never to be seen by you again. Or do you wake up one day and realize it is the 40th anniversary of your wedding to that angel? Angels are like that. Sometimes a fleeting vision and sometimes a partner for life. Love and angels hold the promise of wonderfully mysterious adventures.

I’m one of the lucky ones. The angel I saw from across the room has been my partner for life. One look and I said to myself, “SHE’S THE ONE! Now, what am I going to do? I don’t even know her name or who she is except that she’s the one. Don’t blow it!”  Since that moment, every love song I have written has been for her. Without a doubt, I can say the same for my singing partner. I’m sure the love songs we write are, for him, about his lady. Love and love songs are like that. No matter how the song goes, they are always about the one you love.

Like most of the songs on Brewer and Shipley’s “Heartland” album, much of it was recorded in my home studio. The same place I’m writing this as well as the other stories on the One Toke Tom site. And it is where I create the music videos that go along with the songs. So here is another one. “I Think I Saw An Angel.” A love song for our ladies. And we hope you like it.

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  1. Michael Wiseman
    | Reply

    Tom, once again the video is outstanding!! You could do videos for that entire cd. One of yours and Michael’s Best!!
    Thanks for the invite to visit. Hoping my life will level out soon. Too much sickness in the family. Makes it hard to think of anything else. Hope you and Jan are doing well.
    When things improve Barb and I will get there.

  2. Mary Ann Evans (Wescott)
    | Reply

    This is one of prettiest songs I ever heard. Music, lyrics and tempo. Keep giving us pleasure with your music, Tom, Are the rest of the songs yours? Very nice.

    Mary Ann Wescott Evans

  3. Larry Knight
    | Reply

    Excellent my friends!

  4. Susan Bryce
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  5. Philip Weller Jackson
    | Reply

    I wish you would do one of my songs let alone my little operetta (the Story) on Father Time and the Time Warriors. If that happens a dream would come true,that Will never happen by me alone which is how the double CD was basically done.no wherewithal.

  6. Lorraine McFarland Movitz
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