The light had finally dimmed as Jan and I stared at the telephone sitting on the end table. I was preparing to tell Michael that I couldn’t go out on the road anymore. I wasn’t quitting the band but I just … Read More


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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Those words hang above the wall that separates the living room from the dining room in the house where I was raised. They were put there by the family that bought the house when my … Read More


The morning breeze was warm and full of promise as our guide pulled a fly out of my fly box. He smiled at me and said in his jubilant Yucatan drawl “This is good fly” he laughed. “Good for nothing.” That … Read More


“If you have any hope at all of having grandchildren you WILL NOT buy me anything tied-dyed.” That was my son Marc’s response when Jan called from the souvenir booth to see if she could get anything for the boys. I … Read More

Hopi To Hollywood

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It was a young Canadian Cree First Nation folk singer, Buffy Saint Marie, that first introduced me to the plight of indigenous people in the Americas. She was playing the smoke-filled coffee house La Cave in Cleveland, my home folk music … Read More

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