Tarkio Road Part 3

Kansas City. After a lot of years traveling the country, first by myself and later as part of Brewer and Shipley, it looked like I was about to settle down there. If you consider that any traveling musician actually settles … Read More

Tarkio Road Part 1

Good-bye yellow brick road. That’s where it stood. Brewer and Shipley were leaving LA. I had been camped in Michael’s back yard as we finished our “Down In LA” album and now I was free to do as I please. … Read More

Hollywood Part 4

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When last we met, Leon Russell was playing the pipe organ. But I need to step back a bit to get it all in. As we became Brewer and Shipley and started recording, Michael and I had made a move. … Read More

Hollywood Part 3

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Michael and I were still just a couple of singer/songwriters signed to the same publishing company. Our writing room was not very professional by anyone’s standards. Michael had a long, walk-in closet with a piece of a telephone pole or … Read More

Hollywood Part 2

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I had finally gotten a start in Hollywood…sort of. I had done a demo with Ruthann Friedman and The Poor almost had a hit with one of my songs. But things had rapidly slowed down. There was the occasional gig … Read More

Hollywood Part 1

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Recently I did a series of stories called “Folkies.” In it, I talked about folk-rock and its origins in the coffee houses of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The stories were surprisingly well met along with many requests to … Read More

Go Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs. Decades of heartache. The discomfort of wearing a bag over one’s head season after season.  It seemed I had become like an old Chicago Cubs fan. Hoping for the best but always praying that the team’s … Read More

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